Who answers my questions?

All Qs are personally attended by Dr Chandramohan Asrani. Most Qs will be answered by him. Should your Q need an opinion of a super specialist, then one from our team will be involved in the consultation; then his/her identity will be disclosed.

What if I am not satisfied with the answers?

If you describe your satisfaction problem/ concern properly, we shall make all attempts to provide a satisfactory answer. But if you are looking for a solution when there is none, then we will not be able to satisfy you.

Examples of Qs
I have been told I have chronic kidney failure; suggest a cure.
My father has cancer prostate with spread all over, what is the solution?

Do you prescribe drugs as well or you just advise?

Yes. We do prescribe drugs as well - based on COMPLETE & GENUINE information furnished to us. Each prescription will carry possible side effects and interaction with other drugs.

We guide, prescribe, recommend, organize and monitor healthcare (incl hospitalization)

Can I send you my reports?

Yes! In cases, where investigations have been done (or recommended by us) you MUST send us the scanned reports (click here to learn how and in what format). Only complete reports will be accepted. Incomplete or partial reports will not be entertained.

You can ONLY send reports you have provided your details eg name age etcc to us (since we will base our opinion / treatment / recommendation on them, we also need to be sure that they are the right reports)

Will my reports be confidential?

Of course! Confidentiality is our MANTRA

I'm coming to India and would like to treat myself for... Can you help?

Of course! We have established relations with the best tertiary care centers offering latest and best in cardiology, neurology, orthopedics etc. For a small fee we will organize and monitor your treatment in India.

What other services does my personal doctor offer?

Medical tourism - with insights into country's health providers, we recommend, organize and monitor hospitalization, surgeries etc
We offer archiving of your reports. Corporate enquiries solicited.
Consultancy in corporate healthcare/ health insurance & industrial / occupational health

Do I have to give my personal information?

Entirely depends on you. If you want keep your identity secret, we are OK. But if you trust your doctor, then you may share your details and we shall respect your trust in us. If you are sending reports then of course, identity has to be revealed.

What if I lose my password?

Click here, in case you have forgotten your password.

I'm very satisfied with your consultation. Can i give you more money?

No. We are a professional body and only accept our professional fee.

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